We offer a range of professional and support services
to individuals of all ages with a developmental disability
and/or an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We assist
individuals and their caregivers in accessing community
services and supports.

Welcome to Developmental
Services Resource Centre:
Waterloo Region

Our intake team helps families to gain an understanding
of the supports and services available within our
community. They assist care providers to access the
supports and services they are seeking, as well as
provide ongoing resource support.

Intake Services

Our clinical team provides assessment and consultation
in the areas of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Behaviour,
Counselling, Health Care and Speech and Language.

Clinical Services

Service Coordinators help people to build the
support networks they need to care for
themselves and their families.

Service Coordination

We provide a variety of workshops, clinics,
training, and information sessions pertaining
to developmental disabilities.

Workshops, Clinics
& Training